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Chapter 23 THE NITTY GRITTY 1 of 3

  • Manny☆ & Keya♡ POV
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  • After I ate her to sleep, I decided to make us some breakfast. I sat it on an endtable and pulled it near the bed. I can definitely see me doing this forever. Waking up with My Princess is absolutely amazing! The only thing that can make this better is her: saying she loves me, becoming my wife, willingly giving herself to me and having my children. 'Yes! I want lots of pups!' I hear that damn voice say.
  • It's taken all of the will power I didn't know I had to not be inside of her, while she's been squirming, moaning, convulsing, panting and screaming in pleasure under me. She's lucky I love her. I've given her more orgasms than we have toes and fingers combined! But I'm not done with her ass yet, I was serious when I told her Grammy that she's gonna think twice or thrice before letting another man touch her! Nooo I want her begging for me and only me to tap that ass!
  • She's becoming my favorite flavor, rich decadent dark chocolate dipped cherries and raspberries, mmm. I dig my abnormally long ass tongue deeper into her hitting her G-spot, just to see her back arch, her eyes roll to the back of her head and head sink back into the pillow while pulling my hair. Hmm.. I wonder if anyone has ever lost their virginity via head before? I feel her hymen blocking my way. This look on her face is fantastic but I'm getting her closer to the face that makes me nut, her cum face. I groan, shit just thinking about it gets me closer! She lost her voice so all I hear is her raspy moans and groans.
  • I'm irritated she keeps trying to wiggle away from me! I growl, I'm still not sure how the hell I can do that! I didn't start doing that until I was around her, she's bringing things out of me that I had no idea were even there! I frown and spank that ass, she gasps and pouts looking at me confused, "Stop trying to get away from me, Mami, my tongue Will catch you." I promise her while chuckling staring in her eyes, tasting her on my lips.
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