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Chapter 38 MEET THE MILLERS 1 of 2

  • Manny☆ & Keya♡ POV
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  • How the hell does she know our names? I looked at My Baby the same time she looks at me, like 'How the hell?!' Then she says, "My name is Lucia Miller and I've been expecting you, please come in." She moved to the side inviting us in, Keya latches herself to my arm as we walk inside. I feel how nervous she is and I have to let her know that it's okay and that I'll always protect her. I wish there was a way that I could tell her privately without them knowing.. oh well, I sigh. I pick her up and kiss her cheek saying,
  • "Babe it's okay I'm right here.." I look into her big caramel eyes and give her a reassuring smile. She nods smiling and I feel her relaxing, wrapping her arms around my neck. Every time she does it I feel those crazy ass shocks, and I can't get enough of it! Lucia walked in front of us bringing my attention back to the present and says,
  • "I'm a witch and my husband, Edvard is a wizard. We use divination that's how we knew that you were coming and who you were." Next thing I know this man literally fucking materializes out of thin air right beside her! I jumped back a bit creeped out, "The Fuck!" Me and Keya say simultaneously, he chuckles, grins and holds out his hand for me to shake. I look at it skeptical, not knowing that if I touched it would I feel anything! I'm holding Keya in my left and I reach out slowly with my right to shake his hand, Keya's hold on my neck tighten and she gasps, "It's okay Babygirl, I have you." I whisper to her. I have to be strong for her, she's only here because of me and I do appreciate it. So I take a deep breath and man the fuck up for her. I give him a firm handshake and he says,
  • "I'm Edvard Miller, I believe you've already met my lovely wife, Lucia!" He grins and smacks her on her ass! I loosen up a bit and grin, I like him already. "Please follow me." We follow them down the hall with its walls covered in various sized mirrors, that held your reflection for a few seconds longer than they should. And the reflections moved on their own! Some laughed, danced, juggled balls, were eating, giving us the middle finger or were staring menacingly, it was beyond weird! We made our way to a large room with a lot of weird shit in it. Shelves lined with jars filled with animal parts in them, dried-up shrunken skulls, a huge cauldron sat inside of a well used fireplace and there was a table with a crystal ball on it as well.
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