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Chapter 48 MEETING HER FOLKS 1 of 2

  • Manny☆ & Keya♡ POV
  • The ☆   represents Manny's POV as the♡ represents Keya's POV, please enjoy!
  • ------☆   & ♡------
  • Keya, her sister and her two youngest brothers drove in my car. Her other two brothers were in Grammys’ little white Corsica. “Your Grammy’s real cool, Keya.” She beamed hearing this saying, “Yeah, I love her sooo much for taking us in three years ago. They were gonna split us up you know; 2 of us were going to Texas, 2 to South Dakota and 2 were gonna be here somewhere in Illinois. I might’ve never been able to see them again!” I was sad remembering what I had overheard the judge saying 3 years ago.
  • “Why were y’all taking away from your mom again?” Manny asks curiously and I sigh heavily as all the memories of my abusive, neglectful mother rush into the front of my brain. All the times that she left us home alone, with no food or money to buy any food. Sometimes the lights were off and I lit candles or had to use flashlights to see our surroundings. But what really irritated me the most, was how she ignored us and only took care of herself and her man. Like you have six kids, how do you just not care for us? I never understood it even to this day I don’t.
  • Thanks be to the Creator above that HE blessed me with wisdom to know what to do. I’ve always taken care of my siblings; they’re literally like my kids! I have done everything for them from changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, to teaching them to walk, talk, write, read, and count. Protecting them from bullies, taking ass whippings for them because I believed that they were falsely accused. I’ve had to miss several days out of school to stay home with them; because she wasn’t at home when I woke up in the morning.
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