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Chapter 51 SURFACING 2 of 2

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  • My family was still laughing but it was starting to die down some. I had to get his attention on me and off of them. I feel a growl flowing from my body and Manny’s eyes snapped down to mine. His eyes went back to being clear and not murky and his skin to its original creamy caramel. He looked like he was devastated by what he almost did. He inhaled sharply, blinking hard and roughly wiping his hand down his face. ‘Rukeya your family needs to leave now!’ He sounds like he was struggling with someone. ‘Yes, Kane.’ Then I hear Manny say, “Fuck, Mami I’m so sorry I.. Kane said that it was my demon trying to take over me!” I hug him while pushing him back up against the fence next to the patio. Away from everyone and out of earshot.
  • “I know, Kane told me but you need to stay here while I tell my family to leave.” He looks at me apologetically saying, “I’ll tell them.” And he tries to get out of my hug but I wasn’t having it! And I whisper growl fiercely at him, “No! I will your ass will stay the hell away from them!” he looks at me like I’ve lost my mind. “Damn I said I was sorry.” And tried to get pass me again but I grab a hold of the bars of the fence beside him. And held on tight keeping him firmly in place! And a snarl ripped out of me startling both of us as I glare and seethe, “You ain’t going no fucking where!”
  • Next thing I know thick green vines sprouted from the ground quickly entangling themselves around Manny’s legs, arms and chest, trapping him to the fence! He exclaims, “The hell..” looking down at the vines. Ja’el yells, ‘Rukeya, Stop!’ Gasp! Wait.. am I doing this? ‘YES! Now tell them to stop!’ she says and I hiss, “Get off of him!” The vines cease their movements immediately and I hear a sort of whining noise coming from them. Before they quickly retreated back to wherever the hell they came from. He asks, “Did you do that?” I look up at him feeling so damn confused and whisper, “It seems so.. what’s happening to us?” I wanted to cry so badly but Manny embraced me and it calmed me down greatly. My family has to leave before something else happens. “Alright everyone it was great having y’all over but Keya and I have to prepare for tomorrow. What time should we meet up?” Manny asks no one in particular.
  • Auntie Tiny answers him, “Around 9 a.m. we’re gonna go eat breakfast together at Old Country Buffet.” He nods with a thoughtful expression then asks, “Do you think we should rent a transit van? It’ll fit more people and we’ll have more space for stuff, especially since we’re going shopping.” Man that makes sense he’s such a quick thinker. Tiny agrees and Manny says he’ll call Enterprise Car Rental and see if they have one available for the trip. He then asks her what hotel will we be staying in but she hadn’t thought of that. So Manny asked how many people were coming and about how many rooms would we need. We got the info and settled it. I went and hugged my stinkers’ a.k.a my siblings and told them to be good, and I will see them in the morning. They all said, “Bye Mr. Manny!” Manny was standing with his arms crossed looking deep in thought, but looks up and grins hearing them. “I’ll see y’all in the a.m. okay?!”
  • Grammy goes and gives him a snug hug giggling, “Don’t y’all go breaking the bed now hehehe.” Jeez Grammy I shook my head, he says looking seriously amused, “I ain’t making No Promises, Grammy.” They share a laugh and I tell her pointedly, “I’m still a virgin, Grammy jeez!” He comes and picks me up tossing me over his shoulder tapping on my ass, causing my thighs to squeeze together. Gasp, Mmmm he doesn’t know this yet but I completely LOVE having my ass smacked, it’s quite orgasmic. Thanks to the damn football team. “Yeah for now..” he smirks, “Oh God Grammy please don’t go putting ideas in his already crowded head!” she laughed harder shaking her head heading to her car.
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