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Chapter 52 Por Supuesto Mami, Lo Que Quieras 1 of 2

  • Manny☆ & Keya♡ POV
  • The ☆   represents Manny's POV and the♡ represents Keya's POV, please enjoy!
  • ------♡------
  • After my folks leave we finally eat and clean up. I decided to call the Chicago Pound for those kittens. And I let Grammy know that they were coming to get them. I didn’t want to be there when they came, because I knew I would get super emotional. Manny called for our rental van and reserved our rooms at the Baymont Hotel. It was starting to get late and Manny asks if I wanted to get in the hot tub! What?! “Hell Naw so I can die of heat stroke? You’re crazy!” I scowled at him and he just chuckled saying, “I can make the water cold if you like?” I smiled, “Yes, please!” He turns the water on cold and we just chill naked in the tub. We are talking about all the crazy things going on with us. I suggest that we try to find someone from each of our species. That may be able to help us control, manage or work with what’s living in us.
  • “But how would we even go about doing something like that?” I ask curiously he shrugs, “We could put an ad in the paper.” I scoff sarcastically, “And what will it say? We’ve got questions about the Supernatural hit us up at 773-***-****?” I roll my eyes while shaking my head. He gives me a serious look, “Yeah why not?” he groans heavily running his large hands over his face and through his thick jet black curls. ”Look I don’t know what to do, but we gotta do something!” He sounds and looks so lost but so handsome in this water.
  • I love his hair it’s in the style of a faux hawk fade and I really want to run my fingers through it. He has the Puerto Rican flag shaved onto the left side of his head and ‘Boricua’ on the right. His barber is really talented and I want to take my brothers to him for their haircuts for school eventually. I was sitting across from him in the ‘hot’ tub. This is cool but I would love to have a pool to chill and swim in. I get up and go sit next to him, putting myself under his left arm and wrapping my arms around him. He looks down at me and I see sadness, uncertainty and guilt in his beautiful brown eyes. I don’t like seeing him sad so I smile and softly ask, “Can I give you a massage, Papi?”
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