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  • 'BOOM'.. 'BANG'.. 'WHIZ'.. 'SIZZLE'.. 'WHISTLE'
  • The fireworks started, as we continued eating. There were so many different colors, blues, purples, reds, greens, silver and gold and we sat not far from where they were lighting them up. So every once in a while Keya would jump a little from the sound, apart from that she looked like she was having a blast. I asked if she was okay, she smiled replying,
  • "I've never been this close to fireworks before, they're really loud!" she said, giggling. My cock hardened at the sound and she yelped as I reached over pulling her into my lap wrapping my arms around her saying, "I'm so glad I found you, Keya." I love being with her, no more lonely nights, or waking up to an empty house, No More! I nuzzle my nose in her neck again, taking another long sniff of her. Why does she smell so good!
  • I lick and suck on the soft skin of her neck, making her gasp and moans, "Mannyyy...!" I stop to look in her eyes and see the fireworks glistening in them. I kissed her again more passionately, twirling my tongue around in her warm mouth. She doesn't seem to know how to tongue kiss, it's cool I'll show you baby, I'll show you everything!
  • Once the show was over I pack us several plates of food and drinks up, I don't plan on leaving the house for awhile once we get in. And we bid my family good night. I hold her hand and we make our way to my bike. I store my changing bag and the bag of food inside my bike's side compartments and we head over to the Carnival. I text Vic to take care of my two chairs for me.
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