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Chapter 36 FORTUNE TELLING 1 of 2

  • Manny☆ & Keya♡ POV
  • Rita the Psychic POV
  • I was awakened by the Spirits and they were whispering about some powerful beings that were to visit my shop today. I was anxious and didn't want to go in thinking about what happened the last time some powerful beings came into the shop! They weren't happy with the information that the Spirits relayed to them through me! And I ended up in the hospital for a week! That was last month and it's still fresh in my memory. I'm not looking for a repeat, but I really need the money so.. I know what, I'll send them over to that couple, YEAH! That'll work! With that plan in mind, I get up ready to tackle this day. After my morning rituals I head out to the shop. I park in my spot, unlock the door and start lighting the incense and black candles to get the right ambiance going.
  • I hear the overlapping wispy voices of the Spirits, "They're here," "Here!" "They are coming," "Coming!" "Powerful these one's," "These one's!" "Stronger" "Stronger than the last!" "Last!" "The Strongest I've felt so far!" "They don't know," "Don't know their potential," "No not yet!" "But it's there inside," "Inside of them" "I feel it, pulsating from their very core!" "Yes, it's there!" "I feel it too, it's powerful!" "It has the potential for great light," "Or great darkness!" "Send them," "Yes, send them to Lucia" "Yes, Lucia and Edvard are powerful enough to handle these one's!" "YES!" They all said together.
  • Just then the door opened and I heard the little 'DING DING' of the bell hanging over it. I was terrified to say the least but I had made up my mind to send them to Lucia and Edvard, the witch/wizard couple of Ravenswood..
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