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Chapter 27 DREAMS PART 1 2 of 2

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  • What the... I thought those were just weird ass dreams I was having about changing into a wolf. I didn't know it was me actually turning into one! Damn it also explains why I grew so much that night too. It was time I sat down. I plopped in the grass in front of Kane. Letting the realization hit me in waves. I was a fucking Lycan!
  • "Why haven't anyone in my family told me anything about this?" I whisper more to myself than him.
  • "That's something you'd have to discuss with them. But our father was the very first of his kind. And I am anxious to meet him." He said enthusiastically. I still have questions though.
  • "What do you mean 'when I was in training?' You're talking about when I went away to the Marines?"
  • "Yes, I can show you tonight, if you like." I nod.
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