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Chapter 21 BREAKFAST & HEAD IN BED 1 of 2

  • Manny☆ & Keya♡ POV
  • ------♡------
  • He puts his fingers in my cleavage yanking my dress from me, my body jerking forward from the motion. WHAT THE HELL?! Did he just.. rip my freaking dress off? My hands flew to try and cover up whatever I can. But his hands flew up gripping mine, just as fast to stop me, he was frowning, so was I, like dude really? He shook his head slowly his eyes darkening,
  • "Don’t you ever hide your beautiful self from me, Keya."
  • He says so softly it almost sounds like he was saddened by my actions, his eyes were brown. I wonder how he truly feels about me. I've never had a guy really care about me before. Carmelo just wanted to screw me and although Steve wasn't my boyfriend he wanted to do the same thing! I don't want to only be used like that, there has to be more that these guys want from me than what's between my legs.. right?
  • I sigh and allowed my hands to fall, I've never been ashamed of my body, even when I was over 230 pounds, before I joined the football team. Though now I do look much better in my clothes.. hmm speaking of my clothes, "What the hell am I supposed to wear home now, Manny?!" I yell, frowning and pouting at him a little peeved.
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