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Chapter 24 THE NITTY GRITTY 2 of 3

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  • I prop us up against the headboard, she's resting on my chest sitting on my lap. She allowed me to feed her so I fed her some bacon and some fruit then hand her the mug of tea. I ate some food as she drank, we finished eating in silence just enjoying each other's presence. But I needed to tell her some things, like how I wanted her to stay here with me and how much I truly cared about her amongst other things. I really wanted to run my fingers through her hair so I slowly popped the rubber bands holding her ponytails together,
  • "What are you doing? I just got my hair done yesterday." She says pouting then I massaged her scalp. Her voice does sound much better now. That gave me an idea,
  • "How about every weekend we go to the spa. Would you like that, Mami?" She grins and says,
  • "That sounds like fun, but I've never been to a spa before Manny." I frown staring at her, not because she's never been to a spa, but because she didn't call me what I wanted her to call me. My friends and family call me that but to me she's more than family, she's my better half.
  • "Call me, Papi, okay baby that's all I want you to call me from now on." I say firmly to show her I'm serious. I hear her swallow hard, she nods and exhales before she turns and says,
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