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Chapter 25 THE NITTY GRITTY 3 of 3

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  • 'Rukeya I know that he is an amazing guy but we're not sure if he is our mate, I think we should wait. Just until you come of age in November. Please don't make any rash decisions like marrying him!'
  • Ja'el pleaded with me but I had no idea what the hell she was talking about. Our mate? And I was waaaaay too intrigued by Manny to really listen to her. Did he just say that he loves me?! Whaaaaaaat!? I'm freaking flabbergasted that this mountain of a man loves me, ME! I nodded my head excitedly and hugged him so tight, happy tears free flowing down my face. He chuckled near my ear and held me snug to him, it was so surreal! I've finally found a guy that loved me for me! I was truly grateful and I had an awesome way to finally show my appreciation.
  • "Do you want to take a shower with me, Papi?" I asked innocently biting my lip. He gave me that sexy smirk and picked me up heading to the bathroom. We stepped into the shower he puts me down and turns on the water.
  • "Let me wash you up." I say, he smiles and nods. I squirt some bodywash in my hand and started washing him up from top to bottom. His eyes close and he groans, his chest rumbling.
  • I use my hands to work up a good lather all over him. There's a tiled bench jutting from the wall, I pushed him to sit down so I can wash his hair. His dark, luscious, curly tresses of hair are super soft. I take my sweet little time, massaging in small circles, his muscles are so smooth under my soapy hands. His gorgeous caramel skin is so soft with its light dusting of dark curly hair. I love seeing the bubbles cling to the hair. I take my hand, make a soapy fist and blow some bubbles giggling, I love bubbles! He peeked one eye open to see what I was doing, looking amused he asks,
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