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Chapter 59 CONFESSIONS 1 of 2

  • Manny ☆ & Keya ♡ POV
  • ------♡------
  • Oh no he's gonna find out my guilty pleasure and think that I'm a damn Freak! My eyes follow his hand as it goes back ready to spank me and I grab it. "Papi please I.." I didn't know what to say.. His eyes narrow slyly and that damn smirk deepens, "You.. what Mami?" He toys with me and I try not to glare at him. "I.. I didn't say it." He scoffs, "You almost did." I retort, "Almost doesn't count, Papi!" Very quickly he rips his arm out of my hand and grabbing it, pinning me down! "It counts in my book." And he fuckin spanks me, but only hard enough to feel the sting. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! I gasp shocked, whimpering loudly as my core leaks down my butt and thigh soaking the bed! GOD this is incredible! I turn and bury my face in the pillow. He stops and takes a deep whiff of me an aroused growl escaping his lips. And his deep husky voice taunts, "Smells like you want more."
  • He has his beefy left arm under my left knee, holding my arm so I'm laying on my right side. I turn to see his hand going back up and I plead shaking my head, "No, no Papi I'm good, I'm good!" And not even straining he lifts me up off the bed! Like I weigh Nothing! "You know what, I think you like it. I think you enjoy being spanked by us. Look how wet you are?" He wipes his hand along my soaking slit, making me gasps quietly. Then brings it back into view and slurps it clean loudly while eyeing me intensely. 'Damn that's hot!' Yuri confesses obviously loving the scenery.
  • He groans deeply looking pained, "Do you know how hard this is? To want you in the worse way and have to hold myself back?" He lowers me to the bed and with some force holds me there. I gasp as his thigh roughly moves my right leg wide open as he places himself in between them. "I'm trying my best to be a gentleman and wait until you're ready but it's extremely hard when you smell this damn good!
  • His breathing got crazy deep and his eyes were dark grayish blue. I feel his large hard tip press into my wet folds, pushing my hymen! Holy Shit was he really gonna.. take it from me?? "Papi??"
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