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Chapter 4 AT GRAMMY’S HOUSE 2 of 3

  • Keya POV
  • He turned towards me fully and it looked like he was about to grab me; I jump back stunned, stiffening and eyed him cautiously. Then his shoulders slump forward and he was flexing his hands which were dangling in between his massive legs.. Not like I wouldn't let him or I wouldn't mind. But I pray he doesn’t one touch from him and I'd melt into a puddle of juices.
  • I nod, "Yup, I don't mind." I shrugged, "Because, I love and appreciate my Grammy!" I wish that I could see his eyes but he's wearing sunglasses, I can read people through their eyes.
  • We started talking and I found out he's from Puerto Rico, GOD I love his accent everything about him is turning me on, this shit is new to me. Don't get me wrong I've seen some hot guys in my short life but, no one has brought my emotions bubbling to the surface like this guy.
  • He said he has been living here since the 80's. And just returned home from the Marines last month. He's the youngest of 8 siblings. He's 23 yrs old and a Scorpio like me which means we might have a lot in common with each other. His birthday is a day before mine and he wanted to know where I wanted to hold my party at this year, umm.. why?
  • He started licking his lips again, inching towards me and honestly I'm sure that this seat is soaked. Butterflies exploded in my tummy and I squeezed & crossed my legs trying to stop the flow but to no avail.
  • "Hey, are you single?" I stiffened and gasped. Holy Crapola he IS interested in me! "Yes.. I am." I squeak out, my throat going dry. I really didn't want to tell him that I'm single because I don't have time for a relationship but that's the truth. Oh man this sucks royally.
  • I gasped as my head snapped towards Papa when he said, "Here you go girl, 1 half chicken meal and 1 jibarito meal." Papa says handing me the bag of food. And saving me momentarily from the advances of this sexy giant.
  • "I'll pay for it Tio."
  • WHAT?! I was so overcome with gratitude that I wrapped my arms around his chest giving him a hug! He stiffened and growled at me.. wtf? Whatever I can't believe he's paying for my stuff!
  • "OMG thank you so much mister I greatly appreciate it!" I said beaming up at him. He chest is massive and hard. And the second I touch him I felt something like an electric shock and almost had an orgasm.. I need to go before I'm not able to walk outta here.
  • I let him go, grabbed my food and made a beeline for the door before he tried to ask me anything else. I was almost out the door when someone grabbed my arm, I froze thinking it was the giant man. But thank goodness it was an elderly woman sitting at the table near the door, she pointed at something behind me.
  • I turned around, it was the giant man and OMG, I'm glad I got away from him when I did because I can see his huge hard-on from here. I gulped nervously, "Yes?"
  • "What's your name?" He asked.
  • "Oh", Oh whew. "I'm Keya and again thank you so much!" I was very grateful he paid for everything.
  • “Keya.." he said my name slowly like he was tasting wine and enjoyed its flavor. My knees were getting weak, "Cool, I'm Manny" I nod.
  • "I gotta go my Grammy is really hungry, goodbye!" I smiled, waved and all but ran outta there whew.
  • Once outside I leaned against the door my legs wobbly, panting, glad I made it outta there. After a few deep breaths I started walking home when, oh no. I spotted Steve, 17, with his cousins, Carlos and Luis. I wanted to say hi, but he might try something like he always does. Ugh he gets on my nerves, so why do I like him so much? 'Sigh' shaking my head, I honestly have no idea. I remember when I first saw him...
  • It was May 1996, I was in 8th grade at Moos Elementary and we were having gym class outside, I love gym class! I was playing flag football when all of a sudden I can feel this weird sensation. Like someone was forcefully turning my head towards them. I turn and see this boy staring at me intensely as he was walking by. I saw that he was around my age and kinda cute. He maintained eye contact and for the life of me, I couldn't turn my eyes away from him even if I tried. It was like something took control over me it was so weird!
  • Our school's playground is a block long and he even turned around to walk backwards just to keep looking at me! Was he having a staring contest with me or something? He got to the end of the block and crossed the street and was STILL looking at me. God he was cute! I don't think I've ever seen someone as cute as him. Then he walked out of my sight I was able to look away finally, whew that was intense! I was a bit dizzy.
  • I didn't see him again until September when I began 9th grade. I had been thinking about him all the time and sorta happy to see him again. But that was short-lived. He ended up in my homeroom. And every chance he got he would grab on me.
  • I saw him sitting in the Dean's office most of the time which meant that he did something that the teachers didn't like. He always says dirty things to me like, "Hey girl you got a nice ass!" or "I'll pay you $20 for a blowjob!?" Ughhh he was so rude, I just ignored him as much as I could.
  • One day he cornered me in the stairwell as I was making my way to class and grabbed my butt! I have a big butt so he had a handful, "Steve!" I gasped turning around then he grabbed my waist, pinning me against the brick wall and roughly grabbed my breasts and started licking & sucking on my neck. I was so stunned I froze! I didn't know what to do.. I wanted him to stop but then again.. I didn't!?
  • Someone was coming down the stairs and he stopped, looked at me smirking, licked his lips and just stared at me smugly. I sprinted down the stairs away from him as quickly as I could. He cornered me like that a few more times during the school year. Although it was quicker than taking the escalators, I eventually stopped going in the stairwell if I knew he was around.
  • And every time he was with his friends or his cousins he would always say nasty stuff to me. Ugh! He was so irritating, but I still.. liked him..? Smh omg it was confusing.
  • And not only did I have to deal with being groped on by him at school, but also at home by my ex-boyfriend, Carmelo too. He lived right across the street from me and would invite me over just so he could grab all over me.
  • Carmelo was 18, my friend Denise's older brother and a bit stronger than Steve. It was harder getting away from him as he would grip my hands up above my head. And fondled my breast while dry humping me. That punk also ripped some of my clothes while I was trying to escape from his grubby hands.
  • And he was always pulling down his pants showing me his penis asking, "When you gonna let me hit that baby?" OMG WHAT!? This fool is insane!
  • "I'm not doing anything until I'm married Carmelo, now let me go or I'm gonna scream!" I told him for the umpteenth time. He eventually broke up with me, I was relieved and sad at the same time. I liked having a boyfriend, but I wish he wasn't so mannish jeez. And he never asked my permission he would just manhandle me. I don't mind it if I'm asked but, I hate being forced to do things!
  • [Flashback Ends]