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Chapter 76 Kiss Me Before You Leave

  • Kiss Me Before You Leave The meeting officially began, and all the people present were directors and above. As a nobody, Evelyn was listening most of the time. Finally, it was her turn to speak. She did not elaborate on what had happened last time. After all, it was not a good thing. She spoke concisely, which made people feel that she was capable and experienced. After she finished speaking, Huston, who was usually quiet, continued, “In the future, if anything happens, let me know as soon as possible. The Security Manager did a good job this time. Keep it up in the future. As for Eva, the company has already issued an order that no internal and external discussions are allowed before the results come out. Everyone should pay attention to it.” Evelyn looked at the man sitting in the main seat and talking confidently
  • . The man with the demeanor of a king was completely different from the man who was usually with her. The aura he exuded made people want to submit to him unconsciously. Every word he said was so powerful. The man was highly successful and at the top of the law industry. He was professional, calm, wise, and more elite than the common elites. As a leader, he had a charm that made people willing to follow him. anusömne. Evelyn suddenly understood it. Not only was he handsome, but he was also sexy. At first, she thought that she would not be discovered if she stole a glance at him However, to her surprise, his gaze suddenly swept over her and landed directly on her face. He asked, “Is there any problem with this method of handling this kind of matter?” The question came so suddenly that she almost choked on her saliva. “Uh… No, no, I’ll follow the company’s arrangements.” Huston repeated in his heart, “Followed the company’s arrangements.” Huston smiled and said, “Alright then, if there is nothing else, let’s call it a day. You stay for a while.”
  • The sound of chairs rubbing against the ground came from around her, and then everyone came out of the conference room in a row. Evelyn watched them leave one by one, and soon only she and Huston were left in the conference room. The man walked up to her and turned her chair around to face him. He placed his arms on the armrest of her chair and wrapped her around his chest. He asked, “Are you still distracted?” Evelyn blurted out, “Ah?” He smiled and said, “What were you thinking about when I were fixed on me. Remembering her recent obsession with him, she blushed and quickly lowered her head. “Nothing…” Huston stopped her from lowering her head. He lifted her chin and teased her, saying, “Look at your red face. You’re lascivious, aren’t you?” Hearing his words, Evelyn felt ashamed. She said, “If you don’t know how to talk, just be silent!” Knowing that she was stubborn, he snorted and stopped teasing her. “Explain it. What did you say to Charlic, huh?” “We just talked about work.
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