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Chapter 53 I'll Give You Luck, But I'll Give You Misfortune As Well

  • He straightened his body and turned on the lamp at the head of the bed so that she could see his face clearly. “Huston?” She shouted uncertainly, “Didn’t, didn’t you go out for business?” The man lifted the hair on her face with his big palm, and the emotions in his eyes were unpredictable, which she couldn’t understand at her age. He didn’t say anything, but reached out to untie the bow knot on the collar of her pajamas, explaining everything with his actions. The thin pajamas on her body were quickly torn apart by him, and her skin was exposed to the air. She was no longer sleepy. She raised her hand to block a large part of the scenery in front of her chest, but was stopped by the man’s hard arms. She didn’t forget the phone call. At this time, he came back in the middle of the night without saying a word just to ask her to do that thing. Did he really think that she was even worse than a prostitute? She couldn’t help getting angry. “Huston, what are you doing?” Her resistance, struggle, and unwillingness were all seen by the man. He snorted, and his facial features suddenly sank. He couldn’t control the surging anger in his chest and leaned over to bite her slender neck. “Ouch!”
  • She cried out in pain. She couldn’t help wondering if he had done the same thing to another woman outside just now. She had told herself not to care about it. It would be a joke if she cared about such a relationship. However, she could not accept that it had really become like this. He quickly took off his clothes and looked at her naked body with his deep eyes. Her face was pale, and she endured the bitterness in her heart. “Mr. Lloyd, please, don’t!” “Do not?” It was as if he had heard a joke. He emphasized the word and looked at her mockingly. “A divorced woman is talking to me about self-respect. Do you deserve it?” His words and frivolous gaze were unbearable. Tears rolled down from the corners of her eyes, but unfortunately, the man didn’t see it. He was only focused on conquering her body. Yes, but it was this body that he really wanted. If he wanted it, she had to give it to him. Otherwise, how could she face him in court? They had agreed from the beginning, but… why did her heart hurt so much? Later, even her body hurt so much that she couldn’t help trembling. He tortured her so hard that there was no joy in this matter. She gave him her first time, which was cherished by every woman.
  • But what was the point of that? In his heart, she was still so despicable that she was only fit to be his punching bag. Except for this body, she was not worthy of being compared with him. Woman’s cries filled his ears. He couldn’t stop as if this was the only way to confirm her existence. The man raised his hand to cover her red eyes, cruel and gentle. “You shouldn’t have pleaded for him. You’re mine, and everything you have is mine. I’ll give you luck, but I’ll give you misfortune as well.” Do You Want to Draw a clear line with Her? Early the next morning, in the president’s office of the HM Law Firm, He handed a thick stack of documents to Mr. Warren and said, “From now on, you will be in charge of this lawsuit.” Mr. Warren was stunned. He looked down and saw that it was a divorce case from Evelyn. From the beginning to the present, Huston had been in charge of this case. He had assisted him, but now he suddenly handed it over to him… Mr. Warren glanced at his president and did not dare to agree rashly. He politely refused, “Mr. Lloyd, now almost all the information is available. Leave it to me…”
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