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Chapter 64 The Company's Statement

  • Matt patted her shoulder to comfort her, saying, “It’s all in the past. He’s not that weak. He’s the real him now. I just hope you can understand him. He’s a chauvinist, but he cares about you a lot. He won’t be angry anymore if you admit defeat first.” At this time, Evelyn didn’t care about anything else and immediately nodded. “I misunderstood him. It’s my fault.” Matt had thought that she was scheming, but he didn’t expect that she was a silly girl. For a moment, he trusted her more. He said, “How about this? I’ll inquire about his recent whereabouts secretly and tell you when the time comes.” She was overjoyed. “Thank you, Mr. Harrison.” Matt waved his hand and said, “We’re on the same side. Don’t call me Mr. Harrison anymore. Call me Matt in private from now on.” Although Evelyn felt a little awkward, she still greeted him obediently, “Okay, Matt.” “All right, have a good rest. I just asked Kevin and he said that you can be discharged from the hospital in two days. Don’t worry too much.
  • Huston and I will deal with the rumors.” Evelyn was very grateful. She didn’t turn back until Matt disappeared from her sight. If Evelyn had been anxious about all sorts of minor issues before, then the arrival of Matt certainly provided her with a sense of comfort and reassurance. Two days later, Evelyn was discharged from the hospital. Kevin had prescribed a lot of health protection medicine that had no side effects for her, and they were all not available on the market. They were developed by the Lane Group. Evelyn felt that although she had never won Huston, his friends were really nice to her. However, she had not encountered Huston since her hospitalization. With the attention now on her, she couldn’t return to the company. Ben and Lucy were worried about her, so they brought her back to Hub Apartment. The man seemed to have disappeared from her life just like that, and the two of them returned to their previous state. One day, Evelyn saw the company’s statement on the official website of the HM Law Office.
  • [Due to various speculations made by the media in recent days, HM Law Office made the following statement. First, Evelyn is indeed an employee of the company. She was not hired through any unconventional methods, but she was recruited through social recruitment twice a year. She hadn’t completed her internship yet. And there were no so-call hidden rules. Second, Mr. Huston Lloyd is not handling Evelyn’s divorce lawsuit. Our lawyer, Steve Warren, is taking care of it. You can confirm this information with him. Third, Huston Lloyd, the chairman and general manager of HM Law Office, did not have an improper relationship with Evelyn. Fourth, we will investigate the media and personnel who start and spread rumors of this incident to the end. Please supervise the follow-up development and keep an eye on it.] The statement was brief and concise. In the end, it ended with a red seal of the HM Law Office. As Evelyn heaved a sigh of relief, she couldn’t help but marvel would play tricks. She thought that Jerry would never use his child to gain sympathy, but she didn’t know him well enough. Jerry would achieve his goal by any kind of means. Jerry was just taking advantage of Maura, which made Evelyn feel sorry for Maura. Did Jerry really love Maura? No, he only loved himself. Evelyn sat in a daze on the sofa. Her phone was buzzing in her hand. She opened a text message and saw an address pop up.
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