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Chapter 167 It's My Fault, Don't Cry

  • Just Stop Evelyn felt wronged and helpless, and tears kept falling from her eyes. Before Huston could finish wiping them, she burst into tears again. When Huston heard her sobs, his heart broke into pieces. “Did they blame you?” novelbin Evelyn shook her head and didn’t know how to tell him. She feared he would quarrel with his grandparents if she told him too much. However, Huston could guess the reason even if she didn’t mention it. Today, his grandparents had come to make things difficult for her, but they didn’t expect him to rush back halfway. Fortunately, he had come back. If he had not, how badly would she have cried?
  • “My grandparents are traditional and conservative. When they were young, they were used to being rigid. They also follow old-fashioned standards. You don’t have to take it to heart. They won’t say anything more when they know what kind of person you are.” Huston raised his hand and tucked her hair behind her ear. Looking at her tearful eyes, he bent The salty tears slid into his mouth, and they were sour. “I, I don’t blame them for thinking so. I just feel helpless…” After days of cold war and suspicion, coupled with the blame of his grandparents, she had suffered too much and was on the verge of collapse. Huston held her tightly in his arms again and held her trembling back. “Don’t worry. I won’t let you face it alone. I’ll think of a way to make them accept you, okay?” “It’s so difficult.” Evelyn closed her eyes sadly. “Why is it so difficult…” What might seem effortless to others felt like crossing a thousand mountains for her. When she overcame one hurdle, there was always another waiting ahead. It felt like there was no end in sight. “Don’t cry, or your eyes will swell up from crying, all right?” Huston helped her to the side of the bed and sat down while he knelt on one knee to look at her.
  • Evelyn felt the warmth of his palm, and her eyelashes were still stained with tears. “I want to be alone.” She had a lot of thoughts and emotions in her heart now, and she couldn’t get rid of them for a while. She just wanted to sit alone for a while. Just as Huston was about to speak, someone knocked on the bedroom door. Then, Sir Lloyd’s hoarse voice rang out. “Huston, the TV suddenly stopped working. Come down and help me take a look.” Evelyn subconsciously raised her hand to wipe away the tears. on her face and hurriedly pushed Huston away. “Go ahead.” Looking at her sitting by the bed, Huston’s heart twisted painfully. The knocking on the door continued to ring in his ears. He looked away and placed his hands on his waist. He let out a long breath before turning to walk towards the door. Huston opened the door and walked out. Soon, he closed the door to block the old man’s line of sight from looking into the room. Sir Lloyd was stunned. When he saw no one was following him, he slowly walked down the stairs. Seeing his footsteps unsteady, Huston stepped forward to help him up to the first floor.
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