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Chapter 66 Think I'm Drunk

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  • After running out of the private room, Evelyn did not go back to find Matt. Instead, she ran out of the club alone. Not far from the club, there was a twenty–four–hour convenience store. After drinking a glass of wine, she felt a little dizzy and her mouth was dry. She touched the change in her pocket and walked over to buy a bottle of water. She sat on the steps next to the convenience store. The evening wind stirred up a gust of cool, but her body did not feel cold. Instead, she felt unusually hot. She subconsciously loosened a few buttons on her collar and gulped down a mouthful of water, trying to calm down the raging heat in her body. Unexpectedly, it didn’t work at all. Instead, she felt that she was getting more and more thirsty. She wrapped her arms around her knees. Gradually, the heat spread all over her body, and even her blood became hot, burning her senses from the inside out. She couldn’t help but want to tear off her clothes. In order not to let others see her abnormal behavior, she supported the wall and walked into a narrow alley.
  • \The dizziness came very suddenly. In addition to alcohol, what else was destroying her sanity? It was as if there were a swarm of ants crawling through. her limbs, causing a tickling sensation. Occasionally, they would bite her, leaving a fiery ache. Her body seemed to be permeated with moist air, making her uneasy and unable to exhale freely. Evelyn was almost driven crazy by this unclear feeling. She tried her best to open her eyes wide, but she couldn’t concentrate. She unscrewed the mineral water bottle anxiously, and her hands couldn’t stop trembling. She accidentally spilled the water all over her body. The cold liquid stimulated her nerves. But it didn’t work even though she drank it all. She was extremely uncomfortable as if she was on fire. She simply reached out to pull off her clothes and quickly pulled away her collar, revealing her fair skin. Her strength was taken away, and she felt utterly powerless. She suddenly remembered the glass of wine she had drank and the conversation she had heard in the bathroom. She realized that there was a serious problem. She seemed to have been drugged. As soon as Evelyn left the room, Huston also left. When he returned to the private room that Matt booked, he didn’t see the expected woman.
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