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Chapter 130 You Shouldn't

  • Have Believed It from the Beginning Maura’s smile disappeared, and her gaze turned cold. Her eyes were filled with jealousy and viciousness. “Evelyn, I just can’t stand your aloof face. Who do you think you are? Men can like you and also just also can like others. It’s just that you’re a fool. You believe everything others say. There’s no reason not to lie!” She could lie to Evelyn, but she couldn’t lie to herself. She was the only one that Huston loved! Thinking of this, she hated her, so she desperately wanted to get everything she had. “Hmm…” Next to her, Huston suddenly let out a muffled groan. He seemed to be feeling extremely uncomfortable as his body moved slightly. Maura’s expression changed slightly as she quickly hung up the phone.
  • The presidential suite was quiet. Maura sat stiffly on the side, afraid that the man behind her would wake up. Although the efficacy of the drug had not disappeared, something unexpected would always happen to Huston. Fortunately, Huston only moved a little and continued to sleep in a different position. Maura heaved a sigh of relief. She carefully unlocked the phone screen, found the caller ID, and deleted Evelyn’s call history. After doing all this, she still felt that it was not enough, so she took off her clothes, approached the man’s head, and only took a close–up of her face. From the photo, it looked like she was naked and Huston was snuggling in her arms. Maura looked at it with satisfaction and sent a text message to Evelyn.
  • After it showed that it was successful, she deleted the text message. She reluctantly put the phone back in place. Although she didn’t want to leave, she had to. She left the room while looking back. repeatedly at every step. On the other side, even though Maura had called her, Evelyn still had a trace of trust in Huston. No matter what, seeing was believing. What if Maura had framed him? But this hope was soon shattered by the photos sent. Looking at the man and woman’s intimate posture and naked picture, she could not stop crying and rushed to tears. How could this be… Her body slid down the wall, and she sat on the cold ground. There were only tears flowing, and she couldn’t even make a sound. Maura, Huston. Why were they together? Evelyn didn’t understand. Just like when she had found out that Jerry cheated on her, the same thing happened again.
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