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Chapter 24 Make Her Cry

  • Evelyn obediently told him the address and then paused. “Ah, you’d better not come. Maybe not…” Just as Huston was about to lose his temper, she slowly added, “I’m with Grace. If I’m leaving, what should she do…” “Is Grace a man or a woman?” “A woman.” Huston glanced at the man in the passenger seat and said to the other end of the line, “Wait for me where you are. Don’t run around.” After Huston hung up the phone, Matt looked at him with suspicious eyes. “What’s going on? Judging from your tone, you two seem to have a close relationship.” When Huston thought of how Evelyn had drunk too much, he gave off a terrifying aura. He swept his cold gaze over Matt and said, “Are you curious? I’ll take you to see her.” Half an hour later, the car stopped at the entrance of the KTV. Huston got out of the car and walked straight in with his long legs at a fast speed.
  • After finding the room number, he pushed open the door of the private room of the KTV. The smell of alcohol filled the room, He quickly caught sight of the half-lying and half-sitting woman on the sofa. He turned off the music, turned on the light, walked over, and pulled her up. “Are you drunk?” Evelyn swayed and threw herself at him softly, burying her face in his chest. Even though she couldn’t see his face, she could still smell the fragrance of pine on him. “No, we haven’t finished drinking yet…” .” Huston’s face darkened as he looked at the wine bottles strewn all over the table. He thought, “Does she want to drink more?” When Matt entered the room, he saw this scene. When his gaze swept over another woman who was holding a microphone and shouting “Why did the music stop?”, he immediately understood why Huston had brought him here. “I’ll leave it to you.” With that, Huston dragged the woman in his arms towards the door. Unexpectedly, when they passed by Matt, Evelyn suddenly broke free and grabbed Matt’s sleeve. “Do you know Grace?” Matt looked at the young and beautiful face in front of him, which was flushed with alcohol. The corners of his mouth twitched. “I don’t know her.” He glanced at Huston’s face, which was gloomy like a storm was brewing.
  • He wanted to pull back his sleeve, but he didn’t expect that she wouldn’t let go of him. She was suddenly pulled into his arms, and the two of them bumped into each other. “Hmm!” Evelyn groaned. Before she could react, she was pulled the side by the man behind her. His tone was fierce as he said, “Behave yourself!” Under normal circumstances, she would never dare to mess with him. But today was different. She drank. People who drank were the boldest. Hence, Huston could only watch helplessly as the little woman pursed her lips. Her eyes were red with the grievance, but she did not forget to raise her head and glare at him. “You’re scolding me!” With the mindset of not expanding the matter, Huston raised his hand and pinched the space between his eyebrows. “No.” “You are, and you are so mean!” The man exhaled heavily and pretended to be patient.
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