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Chapter 56 Although

  • Some parts of the whole story were different from what Stella had said and he had a deeper understanding, 70% of the content was still the same. It was really hard to say who was the plagiarist. Evelyn suddenly had an idea and found one of the pages. “Stella was talking about reception information just now, but I seem to have found out that you haven’t done any work yet, have you?” Stella’s expression changed. She could not remember what Evelyn was talking about. “Where are you talking about?” “You don’t know?” She smiled. “This shows that it’s not your thing. You didn’t remember what went wrong in the speech. clearly.” Stella was rendered speechless by her words. Her face turned pale, and the atmosphere became awkward. In the end, her instructor couldn’t bear it and helped her, but her words were no longer as protective as before. After all, they were at the examination site, and the leaders No matter how hard she tried, she was not recognized, This realization made her eyes a little hot. She quickly blinked her eyes to block the surging heat. “Both of you will get a zero on this exam. Next time something like this happens, just get out of here. ” With that, he stood up from his seat.
  • When he passed by Charlie, he stopped and said, “Also, there’s no room for superiors who covered for your subordinate. The meeting is over.” The man strode away, and the people in the conference room followed. Evelyn was sitting in her seat in a daze. When she saw Charlie coming over, she quickly said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Athena. I want to be alone.” After that, she turned around and left with the documents. When she saw Sam coming back at the door, she nodded slightly and ran away quickly. Sam took the report back to the president’s office. Looking at the big boss sitting at the desk with a cold face, he hesitated for a while and whispered, “Mr. Lloyd, I just met Miss Shelton. She seems to be crying…” You Are Jealous of Her Crying? The word flashed across Huston’s mind and he furrowed his brows. Could it be that what he had just said was too ruthless? On second thought, with Charlie’s company, she probably wouldn’t let others see her sad and tearful side. Sam was really waiting for the president’s instructions, but he didn’t expect to hear these cold words. “Don’t worry about it.” This… is impossible? Mr. Lloyd has always been taking good care of Miss Shelton. Why is he suddenly… Sam certainly couldn’t understand why Mr. Lloyd, who had always been as cold as ice, was jealous.
  • After the exam ended, the news of Evelyn and Stella spread. Never before had a newcomer been in such a predicament. Of course, this included Evelyn being criticized. In the break room, Ada got a cup of coffee and was worried to her. “What did I say before? How could a man like Mr. Lloyd be serious about a newcomer? Isn’t it coming true now? I guess he’s tired of it, so he made things difficult for her in public today.” “I was also there during the exam today. You don’t know how embarrassed I was at that time. Although Mr. Lloyd didn’t scold her directly, what he said was more heart-wrenching than cursing her. He asked her to get out of here.” “She deserves it. Now she’ll get what she deserves.” One of them lowered his voice and asked, “By the way, is it true that Stella stole her PowerPoint?” “I don’t know. It’s probably eighty to ninety percent true. However, it’s understandable that someone like Evelyn would…” The more she listened, the more ridiculous she felt it was. She went straight to them and said, “What are you talking about?
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