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Chapter 54 Your Woman Is Here

  • An inexplicable cold fight began just like that. Evelyn returned to the Royal Villa as usual every day. She thought that it would be awkward for the two of them to meet, but she did not expect that this person would never come back since that morning. She was the only one left in the large villa, and the luxurious mansion seemed empty. If it weren’t for the good security guards in the villa area, she would probably not have been able to fall asleep at night. They only met by chance in the company. However, as an intern, it was not easy for her to meet the big boss. She only ran into him twice a week. The mobile phone became a decoration, and no one contacted each other. They returned to their original positions, as if they were just strangers. She was depressed and felt as if there was a big stone on her chest. It was stuffy. Finally, she couldn’t help but get off work to find Grace to drink. As they talked about these things, Grace was originally on Huston’s side. When she heard that another woman was phone, ged her positions and called him a scumbag. After a few rounds of drinking, both of them were a little drunk. Evelyn was not very good at drinking, and she could not even walk steadily. After going to the bathroom, she went to the counter to pay the bill.
  • After swiping the card, she felt dizzy and bumped into the person behind her. “Ah!” She touched her forehead and bent down slightly. “I’m, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…” After that, she turned around and was about to leave. As soon as she took a step forward, she suddenly heard the man calling her name. “Evelyn?” The voice sounded a little familiar. She looked up, but before she could see his face clearly, Grace suddenly pounced over. “It’s him! That old bastard with erectile dysfunction is him!” Evelyn was awkward. The waiter was speechless. The guest was speechless, too. hanging on him unhappily and pushed her away rudely. “Miss, you’ve got the wrong person.” Grace narrowed her eyes and pointed at him. “That’s right, that’s you. I know you even if you turn into ashes!” Matt ignored her and looked at Evelyn. “Are you drunk?” “I drank a little.” She finally saw the man’s face clearly. He was another major shareholder of the HM Law Office, as well as a well-known lawyer. He was a good friend of Huston’s, Matt Harrison.
  • Thinking of Matt, she couldn’t help but think of Huston. Evelyn’s face turned bitter again. She supported Grace and was about to leave. “I’m sorry, Mr. Harrison. Grace drank too much. I’ll take her away.” However, Matt stepped forward and blocked her way. He looked behind her and found nothing. “Did you come here by yourself?” She nodded. “Yes.” “I’ll send you back.” “There’s no need. I’m too embarrassed to trouble you. I can go ore she could finish her words, Matt had already gone out to fetch his car. She stood rooted to the spot. No wonder they could become friends. It was the same as not listening to others. What she didn’t know was that as soon as Matt walked out of the restaurant, he called Huston. “Your woman drank too much at Four Seasons Lake. Do you want to come and get her?” A Prude At this time, Huston was in a high-end apartment next to the company. As soon as he took a shower, he received a call from Matt. The man frowned slightly and asked in surprise, “Who are you talking about?” Matt said jokingly, “Evelyn, why do you sound like you have a lot of mistresses hidden in your house?”
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