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Chapter 121 Threatening The Graves

  • Family Only then did Huston withdraw the calmness in his eyes so that Eddy could see his fierceness and threat. “I want people in the Graves family to never appear in Evelyn’s sight again. In life, even if it’s just a coincidence, you have to take a detour. Once I find out that you’ve done something bad, I’ll acquire InBev Technology.” At this point, the last layer of window paper was exposed. Eddy narrowed his eyes and asked, “President Lloyd, are you sure?” However, Huston smiled faintly, which was shocking. “Let’s not talk about anything else, it’s just a company account issue is enough for me to take it away!” Eddy felt as if he had been struck by lightning.
  • He steadied himself by holding the back of the sofa. Looking at the man in front of him, he broke out in a cold sweat. He had a hunch that if he didn’t stop, the company would change its owner to Lloyd one day. When Evelyn woke up, it was already 12:30 a.m. She didn’t eat anything in the morning. Her stomach was empty, and she Was starving. When she opened her eyes, there was no one beside her. She reached out to check the temperature of the bed and found that it was cold. Where is he? Evelyn put on her shoes and got out of bed.
  • There was no one on the first floor. She climbed up to the third floor, but there was still no one. Thinking of his high fever, she couldn’t help but worry. She took the phone and called him. He picked it up after a few rings. His voice was hoarser than before. “You’re awake?” “Yes, where have you been?” Huston glanced at the time on the dashboard and increased his strength on the accelerator. “I’m out to do something.” “Doing something?” Evelyn frowned. “You have a fever now. What are you going out to do?” “Business matters.” “Where are you now?” Evelyn put on her clothes as she spoke.
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