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Chapter 146 A Clothed Beast

  • Kevin looked at Huston with glee, delighted to see him being controlled by someone else. Evelyn wouldn’t get angry in front of his friend. She approached him and whispered concernedly, “The doctor said that you couldn’t smoke anymore recently. Your pneumonia hasn’t healed yet.” Huston grabbed her hand and kissed it. “What’s the matter?” Evelyn struggled gently. “Don’t change the topic. Don’t continue smoking.” Huston chuckled helplessly. When he met his good friend’s gaze, not only was he not unhappy, but he was also very glad. “I see. I’ll listen to you.” “If there is no arrangement in the afternoon, I want to go out and accompany Grace to walk around the island.” Huston nodded. “Okay, don’t go too far. I’ll send someone to follow you.” “No need.” Evelyn didn’t like to be followed. “We can go by ourselves. It’ll be uncomfortable if someone follows us.” agree.” Evelyn wanted to say something, but Kevin interrupted her. “Just listen to him. After being apart for several days, he has just found you.
  • He wishes he could carry you in his pocket, so he can take you out and look at you wherever he goes. He cares about you so much. Just consider it as a way to put his mind at ease.” Kevin’s words were three parts teasing and seven parts sincerity, making Evelyn blush. In fact, she could feel it too. Since she and Huston reconciled and got back together, he had been paying more attention to her. Although this attention was reflected in his restrictions on her, she didn’t mind this sweet kind of restraint. Evelyn relented. “All right then.” “Come back early. Contact me if you need anything.” As Huston spoke, he pinched her hand and kissed it again. Evelyn quickly glanced at Kevin. Embarrassed, she wanted to withdraw her hand and hurriedly said, “I’m leaving.” Just as she was about to turn around, Huston pulled her back with a little force. He raised his handsome face slightly and raised his eyebrows at her. “Kiss me.” Evelyn’s face was burning hot enough to fry eggs. It would have been fine if they were alone, but she couldn’t overcome her psychological barrier with others present. “Stop it. Doctor Lane is still here…” “Hey, I won’t look. I swear I won’t look at you. Just pretend that I don’t exist!” As Kevin spoke, he funnily turned his head. When Evelyn met Huston’s firm gaze, she knew she couldn’t avoid it.
  • She bent down and quickly kissed him on the lips. “Is it Okay?” With a smile, Huston asked, “Is that a kiss?” Evelyn glared at him coquettishly. “What’s wrong?” “You haven’t made any progress…” As soon as Huston finished speaking, he pulled her over without giving her time to react. He clasped the back of her neck with his palm and kissed her on the lips. His dexterous tongue went straight into her mouth and occupied every corner of her mouth. She dodged, and he chased after her happily. In just half a minute, Evelyn was out of breath. But soon, Huston let go of her. Unlike her panic, he looked much calmer, as if he was not the one who had asked for it at such a close distance just now. What a clothed beast! These words were the most suitable for him. Evelyn finally understood that he was completely different when dressed and undressed. She withdrew her hand. “I’m really leaving.” “Okay, go ahead.” The sound of the door closing rang out. Kevin held his neck with one hand and sat up straight again. “You two kissed so long. My neck is almost stiff.” Huston swept a glance at him and did not say anything. After Evelyn left, the atmosphere in the room once again returned to its previous state of heaviness. Looking at him drinking tea calmly, Kevin finally couldn’t help but ask,
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