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Chapter 159 The Chaos

  • in the Bar Evelyn and Huston’s seemingly harmonious but distant relationship lasted for almost a week. During this time, they went to work together every day, had meals together, and occasionally Huston worked late, but he didn’t stay out all night like before. However, Evelyn couldn’t help but feel that something had changed. For example, when he was in the study, he never took the initiative to let her in again. And when he returned late, he always refused to take the initiative to tell her why. For the first time in her life, Evelyn felt flustered. She didn’t even know what he was thinking. Suppressed, frustrated, and gloomy, various emotions intertwined within Evelyn. She couldn’t bear it anymore, and coincidentally, Huston had something to do and hadn’t come back at night.
  • So she called Grace to go out for a drink. As old friends, they didn’t need to say much. After a few drinks, there were no more secrets. Evelyn poured out everything that had happened recently, and Grace joined in, scolding Huston. The two of them laughed foolishly while hugging their bottles of alcohol. “There’s nothing good about men!” “That’s right!” “Why can they do whatever they want? They’re not even qualified to carry shoes!” “That’s right!” They finished the wine on the dining table but were still not satisfied. A small bar was nearby, and Grace had a membership card there. The two of them agreed immediately and went there to continue drinking. Grace got tipsy and ordered a liquor tower directly. The glasses were stacked high and low, astonishing the men at the nearby tables. The bar manager even thanked them loudly. After consuming these drinks, which had a strong kick, it didn’t take long for Evelyn’s remaining traces of sobriety to dissipate.
  • Holding her phone, she headed to the restroom to splash water on her face, only to be blocked by a young man. “Beauty, are you here alone?” The man was wearing a printed long-sleeved shirt, and his hair seemed neatly styled and frozen in place with gel. The fragrance of his perfume was so overpowering that it made one dizzy. Feeling dizzy already, the scent made Evelyn even more nauseous. She pushed him away and tried to head toward the restroom, but the man grabbed her wrist before she could take a step. “Don’t leave. Let’s have a drink together, shall we?” he said. Evelyn struggled but failed to break free. After drinking, she said impatiently, “I’m busy!” “Oh, you have a bad temper. I like it.” As the man spoke, he put his arms around her shoulders as if he was going to hug her. Feeling disgusted, Evelyn was about to speak when the phone in her hand suddenly rang.
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