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Chapter 22 Parents' Oppression Ii

  • “Did you say that Jerry fell in love with someone else?” Evelyn took a deep breath. She didn’t want to say it, but what Ben had said just now was undoubtedly her last straw. “Yes, so it’s not that I’m disloyal. It’s that Nora turned the truth upside down for her son!” After that, she felt that she had gone too far. She calmed down and said, “Dad, Mom, I’ve decided to divorce Jerry. You don’t have to pay attention to the Graves family in the future.” “Divorce?” Lucy was stunned for two seconds, then she sat down on the sofa with red eyes. “What a sin!” Obviously, Ben didn’t expect such a result. Compared with Lucy’s sadness, he was angrier. “Evelyn, when you were going to marry Jerry, you didn’t listen to your mother and me no matter what we said. Now, divorce? It’s easy for you to say it. Do you know what you’ll face after divorce?” “So what if I know? I still have to face it!” She couldn’t help raising her voice. She wasn’t the one who had done anything wrong. Why did everyone blame her? Ben’s chest heaved up and down.
  • “Since you chose to get married, there’s no turning back. You should turn a blind it. Divorce? I can’t afford to lose face!” eye to Ben had been working in government agencies for a long time. Although he had been punished by the law and lost his job, he of Evelyn’s retorts were blocked by this sentence. There was no need to say anything else. If someone didn’t understand, he wouldn’t understand no matter what others said. “Okay, shame on me. I embarrass you. I’ll go.” She picked up her bag and went straight toward the door. Lucy couldn’t stop her. Seeing her leave in anger, Lucy couldn’t help crying. “Ben, keep saying! If anything happens to our daughter, we won’t be able to live together!” + As soon as Evelyn reached the head of the stairs, she cried. She ran to the small garden in the community, sat on a stone bench, and shed tears silently. When she thought of how Ben asked her to turn a blind eye, she felt so sad that her heart twisted. Should she pretend that nothing had happened? She wasn’t that tolerant.
  • She was very selfish. She couldn’t turn a blind eye to what had happened, let alone allow others to trample on her feelings. Maura and Jerry’s affair was like shit, which disgusted her all the time. She couldn’t convince herself. She sniffled. She had never asked for much. She loved Jerry so much in the past. No matter what he did, she would support him. No matter how Nora made things difficult for her, she could endure it as long as he loved her in his heart. Unfortunately, he wasn’t even willing to pay the slightest sincerity. Yes, she had chosen this path on her own. Back then, she had ignored her parents’ objections and married the man she loved wholeheartedly. But was that wrong? She was blind and loved the wrong man. But she just loved a man wholeheartedly, she was regarded as wrong and she got hurt badly because of this love. “Buzz, buzz…” The phone in her pocket vibrated, but she didn’t seem to hear it. The phone kept vibrating. The other party seemed to be stubborn and keep calling her when she didn’t answer the phone. She took out her phone and found that it was Jerry. “Hello, why did it take you so long to answer the phone?” Jerry’s impatient voice came. Evelyn’s grievance and anger swelled up in her heart, making her heart like a ball, but when she heard this, it was as if a needle had pierced her heart and she suddenly became discouraged. “Jerry, have you had enough?” She had overestimated herself.
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