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Chapter 63 His Unbearable

  • Past Matt cursed in his heart, but he still kept a warm smile and said, “I’ve heard Huston mention it. Did you quarrel because of your ex-husband?” Evelyn didn’t expect that Huston would tell others about it. Since someone knew about it, she didn’t hide it anymore. She hadn’t found someone to talk to for so many days. At this time, she couldn’t help complaining to Matt. She said, “He always thinks that I’m doing that for Jerry, but I just pity that child.” “Child?” Matt curled his lips helplessly and asked her meaningfully, “Do you know who released the news this time?” When she met his gaze, both of them remained silent and seemed to have a tacit understanding. It happened so suddenly and strangely. In fact, there were not many suspicious people. After eliminating the irrelevant people, there was only one person left. Matt nodded and said, “Yes, it’s Jerry.” Evelyn pursed her lips slightly. She was not surprised by the away from confirming it. If Matt had said so, then Jerry must have done it.
  • Jerry tried to ruin her reputation by any kind of means. “Many of those reports are not true.” Evelyn thought that Matt came here to denounce her. “I know.” However, Matt did not intend to get to the bottom of it. Instead, he said, “That’s why Huston handed over your lawsuit to Lawyer Warren. He knew that Jerry would do this.” Evelyn was stunned. She asked, “What?” It turned out that Huston handed over the lawsuit to Lawyer Warren not because he was angry with her for giving the video to Nora, but because he thought of this… “If Huston didn’t do that, there would be no room for explanation now. ” Matt changed the subject. “The reason why he was angry is not only because you gave the video to Nora, but also because you trusted the Graves family too much. If that woman was really pregnant, why would they target you at all costs?” Evelyn suddenly raised her head and said, “Do you mean Maura isn’t pregnant at all?” In the past few days, they had learned about Jerry’s means, and they knew that this was one of his tricks. When Huston found out about it, he was not surprised. To be exact, he might not have initially believed. But he did not turn. down her request to hand over the video, because he only cared about her attitude.
  • Obviously, Evelyn’s choice made Huston a little disappointed. Matt looked at her and suddenly said in a serious tone, “In fact, Huston is not as perfect as the outside world thinks. He used to experience a very dark period. His parents divorced when he was 16 years old. Later, he had a new family and a younger sister, but he seemed to be an extra member of the family. His life was very poor and he had to rely on relief payments to survive. His life didn’t improve until he became a lawyer. Later, he went abroad to study and worked three jobs a day. This is the Huston I know.”” “Younger sister?” Evelyn was shocked. She had never heard Huston mention anything about his family. “She’s abroad.” Matt did not say much, and his eyes were very deep. “Do you know why he’s a lawyer?” Evelyn couldn’t speak, and her pupils were shaking violently. He Has No Other Woman but You “Because he doesn’t want to see anyone go through the same thing as his mother, who can’t even get a divorce and can’t get rid of it until she is middle-aged.” Evelyn had never thought that Huston would have such an unbearable past.
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