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Chapter 9

  • That night, Brianna laid in bed lost in thought. She did not plan for any of that to happen and was puzzled by the consequences of her acts. The construction of a rational train of thought was constantly broken by flashes of his hands on her body, the softness of his hair, and then the agonizing detachment of their lips. She shook her head trying to focus. There was something there, just bellow the surface. It needed to be thought through and brought out.
  • She was a master of the elements and her purpose was to answer their callings and tend to their needs, not the callings of men. Mankind had a way of satisfying their needs without her and she had no business messing with the natural flow of things.
  • Nevertheless, he had called for her. At that moment by the water, he called for her in painful desire and she asked what he wanted. From the moment she did, there was no going back. She was bound to tend to his need, it was her nature and her purpose. But she had refused the callings of people before. Why was he different?
  • She had tended to the elements her whole life and in a sense, they were more her masters than she was theirs. She could never say no to a calling, had no reason to. She felt the same with him, the pulling to complete a task, the blissful satisfaction once it was completed.
  • Maybe it was his nature. He was a man made of fire, and perhaps that changed things. For now, that little understanding, that sparkle of comprehension on the events of the day, were enough to allow her head to rest.
  • The following morning came way too soon for the witch. She had barely slept that night and the air was shifting uncomfortably, sensing the impending conversation that was bound to happen that day. By the time she reached the clearing, the phoenix was already there.
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