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Chapter 13

  • Brianna left the cottage before the first rays of sunlight pierced her window. It took everything in her to get out of that bed, especially after the night they shared. She could still feel the light touches that rapidly evolved to desperate grasps, the soft kisses, the whispered words. One particular memory crawled into her mind just as she crossed the recently burnt land of the forest she called home.
  • “You are beautiful, Brianna” His voice was still uneven from his recent release, specially so due to the roughness she had requested towards the end. She didn’t know she would enjoy it, but apparently having her wrists pinned by his hand above her head while he thrusted slowly against her did something to ignite her own fire, and there was little control involved in her silky pleas for ‘faster’.
  • She was fully satisfied after that, but apparently, he was not done, because his gentle caresses soon found the path to her more sensitive parts and his affectionate words changed tones rather quickly.
  • “It was exhilarating, dragging out your climax like that. Now I want you to feel in control. Can you do that, Bree?”
  • At first, she had no idea what he meant, but her doubt was promptly replaced by apprehension once he reached for her hips and pulled her up on top of him. That was… unusual. She had never done that before, but she could understand how it would make her feel in control.
  • The only problem was she had no idea how to lead this dance from up there, which must have been clear in her eyes. He smiled encouragingly, and she felt his manhood twitch again against her inner tight. Though the setting was new to her, she knew pleasure and how to reach for it, so she dismissed her doubts and proceeded to align herself with his recently awaken member.
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