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Chapter 26

  • Nate, followed closely by Klaus and the warriors, made his way to the forest. There was no way to escape the fight that was about to happen, and he hoped his idea was enough to get Bree ready. He touched the first tree he saw and set it on fire right away.
  • “What the hell are you doing?” Klaus had already motioned three soldiers to surround him, in the event Nate couldn’t explain his action.
  • “That’s the only way to get past the safety measures she conjured. I’ll have to burn a few more, closer to the place I’m keeping her”
  • He believed sticking to the kidnap story was better than making something else up. There was no time to devise an elaborate explanation and going with what Klaus already believed was the best way to keep him from asking questions. People tend to fill in the gaps by themselves when they think they have their opponent figured out, and Nate could make it work on his favor.
  • “You should have warned me! You won’t do it.” He pointed towards a rickety boy that seemed to be just out of his teenage years. The kid was shaking to the core and when he heard Klaus’ next words, he let out a scared squeal that made the other soldiers cringe.
  • “You! The other phoenix! Come here. You’ll burn the next trees”
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