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Chapter 27

  • When the earth called for her earlier in distress, Bree went into the woods to figure it out. It didn’t take long for her to realize it was Nate warning her something was off. She wasn’t sure what it meant, since the last time they talked he walked out on her and left her to wonder if the future she imagined for them was gone for good.
  • Brianna was willing to talk it through. Not just willing, she needed it. The months they spent living under the same roof showed her a life she never deemed possible, but now wanted more than anything. They were good together. Not only the romance they shared, but they could do so much for the land as a pair.
  • She wasn’t ready to give up, and she wished she had said it before he left. She didn’t, and now they would meet again in a suboptimal situation. Despite being unaware of what was coming, the earth told her it was him burning it down. She knew he would only do it to warn her, so she used the skills he taught her and stood alert and hidden.
  • She read into the situation rather quickly when she saw him restrained. She prepared for the battle ahead and was glad he was by her side despite their fight the day before.
  • Bree took down a few warriors by herself and was beginning to feel the weight of battle. Nate might have been used to it, but she was way out of her element, ironically. Even though he taught her a lot, she still wasn’t ready for the toll of a real fight.
  • When she found Nate and they reached her cottage together, Bree sighed in relief seeing only two men standing. But she counted her chickens before they hatched. The words from the bald man caused a chill to run down her spine, and she knew the battle was far from over.
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