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Chapter 34

  • Bree and Nate left the room way too late for a morning meal, and both their stomachs were complaining when they got to the main floor of the library. Lady Cassie, as the amazing host she was, prepared them a complete meal to welcome both of them back to the world of the living.
  • As they sat on the table of her simple home, Nate wondered again why someone with the Lady’s means and possibilities would choose such a humble life. He wanted to ask, but she was the one to break the silence.
  • “Nathaniel, I understand you just came back from a rather long rebirthing process.”
  • Her tone was gentle, and elegance poured out of her words. Even if no one knew about her past, she wouldn’t be able to blend in. That much class isn’t something one can simply unlearn.
  • “Yes, Lady Cassie. I exhausted most of my inner fire in the process”
  • “I see. Brianna was in a rather gruesome state when she arrived at my heaven. Would you be so kind to enlighten me as to why she was put under such conditions?”
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