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Chapter 29

  • The first rays of sunlight woke up an expended Brianna. It might not be accurate to say it was a restless night, because she collapsed from exhaustion and therefore had no dreams or mid-sleep awakenings. But the fact was that she felt even more tired than when she first closed her eyes.
  • In her daze, she took a few minutes to grasp the events of the previous night. As soon as she did, she ran towards the ashes one more time hoping to find any change that could soothe her aching heart. The only difference, though, was the pattern of the ashes that scattered even more during the night.
  • There was nothing there. Brianna was never one to numb her feelings, she was a firm believer in owning both her happiness and sadness by living through it. But at that moment, she wished she could be dishonest with herself and just stop the pain. There was no parley with her heart, it was determined to be crushed by the inevitability of reality.
  • To the best of her knowledge, he was gone. Despite her ability to feel deeply and genuinely, she was also a very rational being and therefore tried to find a way out, an explanation that would allow their story to keep on existing.
  • Each thought was tinted with the feeling of loss and every possible excuse for his absence after that many hours were ripped off of her before she could cling on to hope. But hope is a funny little thing. Much like fire, there are some people who, despite all odds, can never eradicate that last spark.
  • And Brianna was that kind of person. Even if everything told her he was gone and she could feel her heart sinking into the abyss of sorrow, there was a spark that would never die there.
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