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Chapter 15

  • Bree found it harder to locate a spot that served her needs this time. A new village, about the size of the one she left, with a grand forest that needed tending. It used to be easy, the elements always guided her towards the next place she would reside. Granted this time she relocated before her work was done, but it was not as if it was that far from completion as well.
  • She was sleeping in improvised shelters for the past couple of days, and her patience was beginning to fade. The day before, she thought the air finally decided to help her, directing her with soft blows towards a new path on the forest. She walked almost an entire day with the distinctive wooziness that was the air’s signature and it was exhausting, but she deemed it worthy if it meant finding her new home.
  • When she recognized the first line of trees from the woodlands she called home for the last five years, she cursed him with all her might and thought of every possible punishment for his inexcusable behavior. Evidently, there was nothing she could do except shut him down for the next couple of days. He was the most sensitive one and she could hear him howling through the trees once he realized she was mad.
  • Water made her lose less time, with a simple game of pointing to all directions at once, but in the mood she was in, even the water’s ordinary teasing behavior was reason enough to drive the witch insane. She asked the earth again where she was supposed to go, but even the least playful of the elements seemed to be giving her a hard time as well.
  • She tried fire, of course, but he was just absent. Not playing, not serious. Just not there. She knew if she pushed it, he would have to come out and talk to her, but somehow, she understood this silent treatment was his way of showing his grief.
  • On her fifth day in the open, she gave up the caring and understanding attitude towards the elements. They could disagree with her decision, but it was hers to make and there was no going back. Getting a trick from Nathaniel’s playbook, she decided to compel the earth to provide her with a suiting location. When she called this time, she was oozing power and authority, and there was not a single trace of her usual caring honesty.
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