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Chapter 12

  • “Bree, I…” whatever explanation he was hoping to provide was cut short by the massive root that emerged from the ground and trapped him against the wall. The situation was awfully familiar, except now the branches were twice as large and she had done it without a single hint of effort.
  • At least the training was paying off. Nate noticed she controlled the roots to such extent that he could not move a single muscle from the neck down but was left completely unharmed. He almost smiled from the thought that she was mad, but not enough to hurt him.
  • “I will ask you some questions and you better believe I know you enough to tell when you are lying to me” He nodded. There was not a shred of doubt she would make good on her threat.
  • “Why did you start our training session?”
  • “To get enough information on you to pass on to the Council and perhaps have you accidentally teach me how to overpower you along the way.”
  • Better get it all out, at least he wouldn’t be accused of omission. The branch squeezed him a bit more and her angry expression gained a hint of pain. He was not ready for that. “Bree, listen to me. That was before, things changed once I really met you”
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