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Chapter 25

  • Klaus was livid that the man in front of him kept playing dumb. They had multiple sorcerers working on the map and during its two years of existence, never had it ever been wrong.
  • Several decisions were made by the ascended members based on its readings and now that insignificant and barely magical being in front of him was questioning it! How dare him.
  • And adding to his anger was the fact that he couldn’t throw it in his face. Whoever decided the map was to be kept a secret never had to deal with such insubordinate scum. He wanted to drag that bastard’s face into the clear indication of a power signature right there where they stood!
  • A tiny dot on the map that burned brighter than the warlock’s coven. It shouldn’t even be possible, but there it was. And a single dot, a single creature. He had to take her. To punish her, make her pay for that unruly power she wasn’t allowed to have.
  • But he had other means to keep the riffraff in line. Despite the phoenix’s rebellious conduct, Klaus would undoubtedly achieve his goal. Nathaniel would be broken by the end of the day, as many of his undisciplined subordinates had been before.
  • “Nathaniel, I will ask you one more time. Where is that filthy sorceress you’ve been hiding?”
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