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Chapter 23

  • It didn’t take them long to fall into a comfortable routine. Bree built them a beautiful little house, not far from the river, and surrounded by large old trees.
  • They agreed there would be no risk of the Council finding out he wasn’t living in the village because the rent would be paid. As a safety measure, he would visit the hut regularly, maybe burn something up every now and then to assure his signature remained strong.
  • They went back to a steady training schedule that was often cut short by their inability to keep their hands to themselves. Nevertheless, progress was remarkable on both sides.
  • Nate had really connected to earth on a deeper level and if he focused hard enough, he could call for a few thin branches restrain an enemy for a while.
  • That was obviously not the task Bree gave him, her goal was to have him use the branches to build a wooden swing, but he had a talent for turning beautiful innocent lessons on attack or defense strategies. She couldn’t blame him; it was just the way his mind worked.
  • Though there was an upside on his task digression. There were other ways to tie someone up that weren’t hostile at all, and Bree found out yet another nasty concept she never knew she wanted.
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