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Chapter 10

  • His kisses trailed down her neck and she tilted her head invitingly. He groaned at the movement and she felt his manhood swell against her skin. Her knees weakened and his grip on her tightened, but Bree decided the gravity was not helping her stay vertical.
  • She called for the wind and it wrapped around them like a cloak, lifting them gently and placing them back on the ground on a horizontal position. She made sure to end up on top of him and backed out just enough to see his eyes widen in surprise.
  • Her heart was racing, and she felt daring, so she went down to kiss him again but not missing the chance to lightly brush her recently uncovered nipples against his skin. He let out a muffled moan filled with painful desire. Well, he was the one who burnt down their clothes, so now he would survive through her teasing.
  • That thought didn’t last long though, because a mischievous smile made its way to his face, and she saw their background spin until there was only sky. His body on top of her was warm and heavy, like a winter blanket suited for cold mornings such as this.
  • Nate was feeling everything. He was enjoying her like she was the sweetest treat, the ultimate reward. The response he was getting from her body was almost enough to push his across the edge, but there was still too much to do. Too much of her sexy, teasing, heavenly body to explore.
  • He left her mouth just for a moment, to look into her eyes. She was never first to break eye contact during their trainings and he always felt like she did it to pry into his soul. Now it was his turn, and he saw it all.
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