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Chapter 8

  • Natalie's P. O. V:
  • I hoped I won't get drunk. Going out with Abby was like a near-death sentence for me. We always drank when we went out, and it was all because of Abby. I am light headed and so, I always ended up drunk, she never took no for an answer. She was like my mom, she got whatever she wanted anyhow especially with me, except that Abby was a crazy human, unlike my mom. It was like Abby couldn't control the surge to be crazy every time, she was the life of the party. She was always high. Either drinking or smoking. Abby was a lot of things but she was my amazing best friend still. Thank God she was a good actress else dad wouldn't even let me be friends with her anymore.
  • Sitting on my bed, I thought of what to wear. I thought about Abby's suggestions too. Might just wear the red gown with a slit. I got that gown when Abby and I went shopping in West town. Would possibly be the last time I went out with Abby. Who knows Maverick might just lock me up in his house, maybe in a room when he married me.
  • I read Abby's message for the second time after my phone beeped.
  • "We should be ready by 7" I wasn't even so sure what I wanted to wear, and it was 5:30 pm. I needed to also be at Abby's house before 7. I dragged myself from bed reluctantly, to gather all I may need. I didn't want any of Abby's troubles. I concluded to wear the red gown with a slit. Pulling it out from my drawer and off the hanger. I pulled out a pink small box beside my bedside and began folding the dress. I folded it neatly into the box. Also packing my shoes and face powder, I locked the box and kept it aside on my bed. I quickly ran into the bathroom for a quick shower before I dressed up to leave. My shower was too quick to be called quick.
  • I quickly dried my hair with a hand drier and tied it up in a ponytail. Then I slipped into a pair of blue shorts and wore a white t-shirt. I complimented my attire with my pink rib slippers.
  • I took my phone and ordered an Uber to West town where Abby stayed. I took the pink box and then I left the room closing the door carefully to not make any noise.
  • I sauntered down the stairs to the dining to find my mom setting dinner.
  • "I'm off to Abby's" I announced taking a halt.
  • "Don't sleep out" Mom weirdly chorused with my dad who was standing right behind me. I wasn't promising to not sleep out. I always did every time I went out with Abby. "Okay," I said nodding my head.
  • "See ya" Andrew called after I shut the door behind me. I checked my phone, the Uber was 5 minutes close to our house. I went to sit on the bench outside to gain a little comfort while waiting for my ride. Also while I waited, I played a game.
  • Soon I got a notification that my ride was waiting for me. I walked out through the gate. It was an Uber black, the car appeared new. Once inside, I greeted the driver. I was used to greeting people I was just meeting for the first time. The car scented like berries and milk, all fruity and nice. The air conditioner was refreshing too.
  • "Hello, enjoy your ride" he turned and looked at me curtly. He looked really nice, his voice was thick, and his beard was well-shaved like that of Mavericks. Even the braids on his head appeared perfect. His appearance didn't portray an Uber driver. It was more like a billionaire who had come to pick his date. His blue cotton jacket looked so good on him. No one would ever recognize him as an Uber driver. When I was younger, I used to think drivers should and always looked shabby but this man looked a lot better than all the Uber drivers I'd met before. In my head, I'd nicknamed him 'Fine driver'. So ridiculous of me though but I couldn't help it.
  • Through the 32 minutes ride to West town Fine driver blessed me with 'heartbreak anniversary ' by Giveon. I loved that guy to a fault. I sang along the whole time. I must have noticed how much I loved the song because it was on repeat.
  • He came to a halt in front of Abby's building and I came out.
  • "Please rate me" Fine driver shouted as I pressed the intercom. I gave him a thumbs up assuring him I would rate him. If not for anything, I'll rate him 5 stars for that Giveon's song he played during the ride. I smiled walking into the compound through the opened gate after I pressed the intercom.
  • Abby's family house was a bit bigger than ours. I passed through the lawn to the big massive wooden door. I turned the knob and the door opened.
  • "Abby" My voice traveled through the high ceilings of the sitting room. Unlike my family's house, Abby's family felt cooler and almost normal even though it was summer.
  • "Nat, come up to my room" She yelled. She was possibly caking her face with contour and face powder, Abby loved make-up to death just like I loved music. I lazily walked through the stairs feeling the fine shiny wood of the stair handle.
  • I pushed Abby's door. "Abby?" I called when I walked in.
  • " Over here" The beauty goddess was sitting doing what she knew how to do best in front of her dressing mirror.
  • "Get dressed Nat"
  • " It's not even 7 yet" I pouted and sighed. Abby loved to rush everything in her life.
  • "It will be 7 soon just get dressed, I'll do your makeup when I'm done with mine" Abby's gown hung in front of her drawer. It was a beautiful sight. Black with little prints of gold on the breast and hip area. The gown was strapless.
  • "Where are we going?" I asked
  • "There's this club downtown, I heard a lot about it. I just want us to check it out" Sometimes I wondered if Abby was really 22 or if she was older. She knew so much of the things I didn't know one bit.
  • "Ooh!" I responded. " No problem" I dropped my box on her bed and unlocked it. I took out my dress and carefully straightened it on one side of the bed. "I came with the red gown"
  • " ooh, that's nice" She didn't shift her focus from what she was doing.
  • I began pulling off my clothes so that I would be able to wear my dress.
  • Abby looked gorgeous even though she hadn't finished her dressing, her makeup appeared stunning already.
  • I looked at my image in the mirror after I wore my gown, not bad though. It hugged my breast nicely. That was the second time I wore that gown. I pushed my lips forward as I admired the gown even more. The gown looked pretty but on me, I wasn't sure.