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Chapter 99

  • Jason's pov :
  • It bothered me that Lia hadn't talked to her father about me yet, that's why he would have thought about making a deal with that dickhead dad of Alex. I was feeling pity for Alex, how was he managing to live with that monster who had no emotions?
  • And that fucking demand or request of him was nothing but pure manipulation. I was too smart to fall into his traps, he couldn't make me leave my love for the sake of friendship.
  • "That's the problem with businessmen! They don't understand that love and business are different, I love my friends and they'll never snatch my happiness. After making me lifeless, he won't feel love, he'll feel guilty. And I'm very sad to declare that you don't know your son at all. I admit that he needs someone like my love," I pulled Lia closer, and noticed from the corners of my eyes that her eyes widened at my pronunciation.
  • "But he needs someone like her, not her. Falling us apart is something that nobody can do."
  • He smirked and shook his head. "You're too young to judge me, you don't even know that loving a wrong person can make you a heartless and emotionless person. I loved Alex's mother, but she cheated on me and here I'm, thinking of love as just a deal. That's what I don't want for my son, I know that you guys don't like me as I seem like a cruel dad, but it's for his advantage."
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