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Chapter 73

  • Jason's pov :
  • "What are you doing here?" My sister was the last person I wanted to see in my girlfriend's room. Not to mention, Fiona was already snatching our privacy and now, add one more to the list.
  • Her eyes staring into mine, searching for the answer. "Are you even happy to see your sister here?" How could I forget that she was the one who could get me without any effort? Nevertheless, I wasn't ready to speak my mind that soon.
  • "Will you be happy if I come to your boyfriend's room when you are planning to have some quality time with him?" A sarcastic grin appeared on my face.
  • She started chuckling as if I cracked the best joke. "Jay, you are what every girl wants! A romantic, bold boyfriend!" Barbie managed to say between her laughs.
  • Sighing, I shoved my ass into the room as Barbie gave me space to come in.
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