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Chapter 10

  • Liliana's pov :
  • I didn't throw a glance at him, I was making espresso as if he didn't even exist. By his words, he seemed like an honest person. He could have waited till tomorrow for saying sorry, coming to my workplace to just apologize wasn't a good idea at all. But it wasn't a bad idea either.
  • "Your espresso, sir! Please take a seat and enjoy the coffee," I bowed a little to make him realize that I was a professional person, and I didn't hear a single word of his bullshit. Sometimes pretending games are necessary.
  • My composure was feeling relieved after hearing that he didn't compare me to other girls, yeah, it hurts me a lot to see how everyone compares me with other girls. I've suffered from the comparison of mine with the world since childhood, I was sick of it. But I was glad to see that someone exists in the world who doesn't compare me to bimbos.
  • Being a sceptical person, I couldn't trust his words so easily despite my heart having a conflict with my mind, the heart was debating with my mind to forgive him.
  • He took the mug of espresso and looked at me with his puppy eyes, oh gosh, his oval-shaped face with impeccable nose, rosy thin lips were giving his face a perfect touch of an angel, I couldn't decide it was rosy or peachy, it was kinda a mixture of both colors which gives it a unique and picturesque vibe. Immaculacy was drifting in his eyes, mildly prominent and deep ocean blue eyes in which I could see sanctity and genuineness very clearly.
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