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Chapter 44

  • Jason's pov :
  • "You smell so good, baby!" I whispered in her ear to send her the sensations which I was feeling after seeing her in that goddamn sexy black dress.
  • With a swift move, I made her sit in the passenger seat of my car without breaking my hold on her waist. I looked into her challenging eyes that were filled with passion and adjusted the seat backward by using the features of my Mercedes-Benz.
  • I didn't want to make her uncomfortable so I exchanged positions and made her sit on my lap.
  • She bit the corner of her lip in nervousness and looked at me suspiciously like what I was gonna do next!
  • I bruised my lips against her rosy lips, "I told you not to bite your lips," it turned me on as always. My hands were stroking her naked back with both my hands and my fingers started playing with the strips of her dress and I could feel her gasping for air but her body…! Her body was still distanced from mine so I put my hands on both sides of her hips and pulled her closer.
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