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Chapter 78

  • Jason's pov :
  • I could sense the demolition of my world when her strong side kicked me away from her. If she had decided something, she would go for it and I knew that.
  • "Lia, I acc..accept that I fucked up!" I stammered because of the fear of losing her. The fear was killing me but still, I had to make her understand that I love her. "But I love you, Lia. I love you!"
  • She took a step back and shook her head while sighing. "Is this what you call love? Seriously? Is this your love? And if it's how you love, I'm sorry but I don't want this love. Leave me alone with my worst dress sense!"
  • I took a step forward towards her. "Okay! I'll explain everything to you, you know the day Barbie-"
  • "No! I don't want to hear it now. When I was asking you to tell me what's bothering you, you needed some space, right? Then I'm ready to give you your space, just take it and leave me! I don't want any explanation." She yelled and took a step back.
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