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Chapter 66

  • Liliana's pov :
  • "Jay! Please, stop! We can continue this game later but right now, we should be there for Theo. It's a big day for him," I tried to protest his mouth doing wonders to my shoulders by pushing his head off me.
  • He kissed my cheek, "you are right! We have to go there but remember one thing, I'll make you do what you don't wanna do," he finally started driving the car.
  • Rolling my eyes, I started the music to calm down my insidious body. Within an hour, we reached the place where Theo was supposed to give his first audition for the competition.
  • A bunch of people were practising there, the way they were dancing it seemed like their body was made of rubber or something. How could their bodies be that much flexible?
  • "It's so crowded here, I don't know if we'll be able to survive after seeing these wonders. Are they even human or some other creatures who claim to be human?" I uttered with an open mouth.
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