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Chapter 85

  • Fiona's pov :
  • "Hmmm! Someone loves my tattoos more than me, huh?" A satisfied smirk appeared on his face. "It's a hidden tattoo with a hidden meaning. Te Quiero means I love you. No one knows about this tattoo except you because as you can see, the letters are not big and this one represents my love for my mum." He kept playing with the lock of my hair, gazing at our intertwined fingers.
  • I was so wrong, it wasn't for his ex. Happiness was a very small word for what I was feeling at that time. I loved to know about that tattoo because it showed me how much my man loved his mother and it was a relief to know that it wasn't for his ex. Even though I tried hard not to be envious of her but if he would have a tattoo for her, I wasn't sure about my feelings.
  • "But you never told me that you love your mom that much and you had a tattoo for her."
  • "Sugar, men don't express their love in words."
  • "But you just said I love you to me that means you don't mean it." I knew very well that he meant it but I wanted to play with him.
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