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Chapter 40

  • Jason's pov :
  • "We are dating so I can't deny that you are my boyfriend," her hold on my shirt puckered, "I like you, Jay. Being a tomboy and sharing my feelings with you isn't a piece of cake for me, maybe I seem an immature and insane girl to you yet I'm too honest, simple, and blunt."
  • She landed her hands on my chest and rested her head on my back, there was no movement ahead. Maybe she had closed her eyes and was trying to just feel me.
  • I desperately wanted to close my eyes and feel her but I was fucking driving, though the way she just wrapped her arms on my chest, my heart already started its race with my bike.
  • Slightly handling my bike with one hand, I took her one hand in mine and kissed her hand, "I like your simplicity, honesty, boldness, and sometimes immaturity, too. I love the way you behave, it seems you are real and trust me, I love your insanity. And if there is something that I don't like in the future about you, I'll just tell you directly because I'm also straightforward, I can't keep anything to myself. It causes me sleepless nights and anxiety which I don't like."
  • "To be honest, I didn't like it when you manhandled that…, uh, I mean I'm not a thing or something to fight for," she released her hold on my shirt, "if I'm saying that I fancy you then, it doesn't matter if someone else says that she is mine. I'm nobody's estate, you shouldn't be possessive of me."
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