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Chapter 14

  • Jason's pov :
  • I was trying to evaluate why I felt so furious when Alex called her bitch, and when George looked at her with his filthy gazes, my heart was aching. Something was wrong with me but I ignored that feeling and entered the restaurant.
  • She was writing an order on the notepad, her wavy hair was tied up into a messy bun, a few little strands of her hair were touching her cheekbones, and I could clearly read the annoyance on her face.
  • If there would be another girl, she would be happy with the cute baby hair that makes her look cute but you can't expect the same from Lia, I've already been defeated when I judged her, she was different.
  • "Someone is liking my old place so much, I'm bemused if the food has become more delicious or any girl has become more interesting. I've never seen you following any girl but…," Mrs. Fennimore gave me the look of an investigator but with a genuine smile on her face.
  • Here, the battle between my mind and my heart was not finished yet, and Mrs. Fenninmore was giving me more burden to carry on my mind. "You are right, Mrs. Fennimore, your chef makes really so yummy dishes that I just can't resist myself coming here, I hope you won't mind seeing my ugly face more than thrice in a week, will you?" I exhaled after completing all the best excuses I could make up. I could be a sweet talker sometimes.
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