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Chapter 83

  • Fiona's pov:-
  • Everyone knew me as a kind, sweet, and fainthearted girl but he was the only person who could challenge me and I would show my courage to him. Somewhere I always loved to do silly fights with him, where I was afraid of the whole world, I wasn't scared of him.
  • The day he saved me from some jerks, I started dreaming of him and he was my prince charming. With him, everything seemed perfect, the silly fights, the romantic and cheesy talks, the first kiss, and then the night that I finally spent with him after getting drunk in Singapore. It was a different pain that I couldn't remember that night completely.
  • The Sun was already up in the sky and I was playing with the curves of his tattoos. Between the dragons and anime tattoos, some words were written in a secretive way in cursive. TE QUIERO!
  • I searched on the internet for the meaning of these words and the result made me smile. It was a Spanish sentence that meant I love you, I was sure that it wasn't designed for me, it was probably for his ex.
  • In the beginning, the things related to his ex bothered me a lot but as I started trying to understand him, the things sorted out spontaneously. I didn't have to worry about his ex when I was the person to whom his heart belonged.
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