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Chapter 48

  • Jason's pov :
  • Patience was evaporating from me, "why the fuck you still want to compare yourself with George? It's your false belief, nothing else! George didn't hide anything, he just tried to assure us that he was okay."
  • "George didn't hide that he was in a relationship, and he didn't simply follow whatever a girl ordered him to do. If you want to compare, let me compare everything! Your girlfriend was staring at us like we were the reason behind her insecurities. She is an insecure kid who doesn't want anyone to know about her relationship because she is scared of the mess which a relationship includes beneath it. You know what, you both are a match made in heaven. You both are childish, insecure, and filled with narcissism," Theo just messed up everything.
  • Alex started laughing sarcastically, "so finally you accept that in your mind, I'm an immature kid. Maybe God has given me what I deserved, I don't want to live with the burden of this friendship anymore where I'm nothing," he took two steps back, and smirked. His squinted eyes and clenched jaw were replaced with the smirk and he just walked away.
  • "You can never recognize your value in others' lives unless you want to decide your worth by yourself," George yelled with so much rage in his eyes.
  • "If he doesn't want to listen to us, why are you yelling, George?" I sighed and placed my hands on my head.
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